I am extremely excited to finally share Tiny Tim with the world. I tend to be very selfish when it comes to design. I try to design posters that I would hang or shirts that I would want to wear. This shows most in my type design. I have always wanted a good supporting typeface for custom type. I work a lot in circle badge format and I couldn’t seem to find a typeface that set right with me as supporting text for a large centered text. So, I created Tiny Tim.




I created Tiny Tim in two different style. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I would work in black and white with just texture for the rest of my life if I could. Not everyone is as into texture letters as I am, so I made a clean style and a rough style for this typeface. The rough style is just rough enough to eliminate a clean hard edge and really let the letters blend with the page. I also made some very very slight kerning adjustments and sizing adjustments to make sure that the rough weight was just a little off.




I try to provide all of my typefaces for free, but if you would like to buy me a burrito, you can donate through PayPal.

In exchange for a tweet, you can download Tiny Tim for free.

Just click here to go to the download page.

The typeface is free, but I would love it if you would help me promote by sending a tweet or a post. I am just starting off and would really appreciate the support. Also, I would love to see what you do with it. Shoot me an email or find me through any of my social links and I would love to connect to see where you are taking Tiny Tim.